Are you looking for an advanced phone system installation?

  We provide phone systems designed specifically for your business' needs. We can create a whole new phone system or upgrade existing phone systems to run your business efficiently such as VoIP systems.




Our services include:

  • T1 / PRI service for small business contact us for details
  • VoIP Network Configuration - so you can experience top quality of your call
  • VoIP Phone System Design
  • VoIP Phone System Configuration
  • VoIP Phone System Maintenance, Upgrade, Reconfiguration 

  • T1 line integration, PRI Integration 
  • Digital Phone System Configuration and Installation
  • Long Range Wireless Phones - up to 12 floors in a building, 250,000 sq. ft. in warehouse or retail store,  3,000 acres on a farm or ranch
  • Outside office Integration 
  • Quick Office Relocation
  • Quick Office Setup
  • Voice Cabling, Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6
  • Cable Testing and Certification 
  • Building Raiser Management / Installation 

   We have a specialization on Nortel and Allworx Phone systems. Please contact us for more details on their products or other inquiries.