Do you need to monitor your office, storage or house?

With CCTV you can.

   We provide design and installation from small Video surveillance systems under 4 cameras to large multisite systems which can cover multiple areas. We install digital or IP cameras including Megapixel and HD devices. We even provide integration of Access Control Systems for better property management and security.


   Our services includes:


  • IP CCTV System Design
  • Digital CCTV System Design
  • IP Cameras Installation
  • Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Multisite integration 
  • iPhone / BlackBerry integration
  • Access Control System Integration 
  • Web access configuration 
  • Mobile Device Integration 
  • Onside training 
  • We are Milestone Advanced Partner certified 
  • We are Axis Communication Partner

We are specializing in Milestone NVRs. Please contact us for more details.