Remote Support Step by Step

1. Navigate to, click menu ”Services“, click submenu ”Remote Support“.





2. Please scroll down the page and enter your Invitation Code. If you don’t have one, you can get it here. When active Invitation Code is entered you can click ‘Join’ button.





3. Please click "Run" button and accept any security information from your antivirus software.



4. After program is started you will see notification on your screen.




5. At this moment out agent is notified that you are waiting. As soon as agent is connected to your desktop you will see additional notification. You can use your computer like normal.




6. Remote Support Icon is always in Notification Area. By double click on the icon you can get Status,  by right click you can initialize chat or Exit Remote Session.



7. As soon as out agent is connected to your desktop he initializes chat with you.



8. At the end of the session agent will check session time with you and disconnect.



9. That's all. We hope you will refer us to your friends.



Go to Remote Support welcome page