Why IP cameras?

   IP CCTV cameras are the hi-end solution on the market. When combined with leading video management software they create state of the art video surveillance system. Possibilities are virtually unlimited.


   IP cameras are are using Progressive scan (whole picture is taken in one step, not 2 steps like with interlaced scan). That feature is making huge increase in the picture quality.



   Click on the picture to compare different resolutions of IP cameras. The smallest field is old style analog camera - you can compare different resolutions of IP cameras.



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   IP cameras and video management software is able to support your iPhone or BlackBerry smart phone. We can integrate surveillance video with many other smart phones.

   Please see CCTV AXIS Cameras for more information about IP cameras. Please See CCTV Milestone NVR for more information about video management and analysis software. If you have any questions, please contact us.